I am so pissed at my teacher. First of all he sent us an email last night at 10pm about what was due today. I did what he asked and then we show up to class for 9am this morning. He sends us an email at 9:15am this morning saying this. 

Good Morning Peoples,

Extenuating circumstances prevent me from conducting class today. Mark will be arriving near 11am today with Rebecca Ross the Director of Design and Interaction, at Central Saint Martins. Please do the following:

1. Post your Director Report, movie choices and thumbnails to Tumblr and email the link to me.

2. Count off and into groups of 4 or so and share your Director and thumbnails with each other. You might show clips of films to help others understand the work of your assigned director.

3. Make sure your designs for the class portfolio book are in great shape. This should be printed in color and wrap around a blank book block. Please include a intro, toc and separator pages. We are so very much beyond explaining things that are not in the design.

4. If you have any extra time, you should work on the thumbnails more. The ones I have seen are a good start but you are making enough and with sufficient variation.

You have 2 hours or so. Make it happen.

I will see you all on Wednesday.”

I want to punch him. Punch. Him.


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